The right therapy for each patient

The Department for Nuclear Medicine at Frankfurt University Hospital is an international leader in the treatment of thyroid diseases. It offers a wider range of thermal ablative techniques than any other hospital in Germany. Thermal ablation is the treatment of diseased tissue by heat.

The German Center for Thermoablation of Thyroid Nodules was founded to develop these methods and to share our expertise. This institution based at the Frankfurt University Hospital aims at optimizing thermal ablation of thyroid nodules in Germany and supporting exchange between medical doctors about experience with different thermal ablative techniques.


The first ultrasound treatment of thyroid tissue in Germany has been performed at Frankfurt University Hospital. Ultrasound waves eliminate the diseased tissue underneath the skin without damaging the skin itself.

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Microwave Ablation

During Microwave Ablation, a probe is inserted into the skin under local anaesthesia. Microwave Ablation has been used for the treatment of simultaneously existing hot and cold thyroid nodules. The therapy is very safe and has few side effects.

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Radiofrequency Ablation

The Department of  Nuclear Medicine at Frankfurt University Hospital was the first to use Radiofrequency Ablation against thyroid nodules by inserting a small probe into the thyroid nodule. Three weeks after the successfull therapy there were no visible signs of the treatment.

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